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Keep Your Yard Safe And Healthy

Get tree removal and trimming services in West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach & Lake Park, FL

Has one of your trees turned into a problem? Don't wait around for a branch to break off and fall on your property. Contact Atilus Professional Landscaping, LLC for tree removal or trimming services instead. We offer a wide range of tree services in the West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach and Lake Park, FL areas. Our team can climb your tree or use specialized machinery for the toughest jobs. Trust us to...


  • Trim broken, dead or dangerous branches to keep your tree healthy and protect your home
  • Remove overgrown, dying or leaning trees before they fall and cause sdamage or injury
  • Clean up and remove debris to leave your yard looking as good as we found it




We can also plant new trees if you want to give your yard a fresh start. Set up tree removal or trimming services when you call 561-602-9158 now.



The benefits of tree trimming

There's more to tree trimming than removing dangerous branches. Disease in even one limb can spread, leading to the loss of the entire tree. Trees that grow unevenly can eventually fall over. Professional tree trimming will help your tree last as long as possible by making sure it grows tall and healthy.

Arrange for tree services by contacting us today.